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Bharat Forge, under the leadership of Chairman and Managing Director Baba Kalyani, is making significant strides in the global artillery market. Kalyani revealed in a recent interview that the company is actively engaged in discussions with approximately 12 countries, primarily from Africa and Southeast Asia, all of which have expressed keen interest in Bharat Forge’s artillery portfolio. The notable Garuda 105 Go Anywhere Gun and the Bharat-52 gun, both developed by Bharat Forge, have garnered substantial attention from these nations.

The Garuda 105 Go Anywhere Gun, recognized as a Mobile Artillery System, stands out as a lightweight, modular, and high-performance howitzer system. Its versatility and adaptability make it an attractive choice for countries seeking modern artillery solutions to meet diverse operational requirements. Several nations have expressed a strong interest in acquiring this innovative artillery system.

Another star in Bharat Forge’s artillery portfolio is the Bharat-52 gun, a 155mm, 52-caliber towed howitzer. This artillery piece is based on the original GC-45 Artillery System and has gained widespread recognition for its reliability and effectiveness. More than a dozen countries have demonstrated their interest in procuring the Bharat-52 gun, showcasing its global appeal.

Bharat Forge’s recent success in supplying ATAGS Guns to Armenia has further bolstered its position in the global defence market. Kalyani indicated that the company is currently in discussions with 2-3 countries, expressing optimism that deals may be finalized within the next 12-18 months.

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