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Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), a prominent defense technology company in India, is actively engaged in discussions with its Israeli partners to mitigate potential impacts caused by the ongoing conflict in Israel. While BEL acknowledges that some disruptions are expected in the short term, it remains optimistic about the commitment from its Israeli counterparts to minimize these effects. The company’s focus remains on fulfilling its defense contracts and further advancing localization efforts.

Bhanu Prakash Srivastava, Chairman and Managing Director of BEL, recently shared insights into the company’s ongoing collaboration with its Israeli partners and the challenges posed by the current conflict in Israel. While acknowledging the short-term nature of the war’s impact, Srivastava emphasized that the Israeli partners have provided assurances that they are dedicated to minimizing any disruptions.

BEL has been actively involved in the development of the Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LRSAM) project in partnership with Israel. Despite facing some shipment challenges due to the ongoing conflict, BEL remains optimistic about the project’s overall progress. While acknowledging the impact on shipments, Srivastava highlights the commitment from Israeli partners to ensure that all obligations will be met by the end of the financial year.

One key aspect of BEL’s collaboration with Israel is the ongoing technology localization efforts. Srivastava highlights the company’s commitment to increasing localization as part of current and future contracts. While recognizing the complexity of some technologies and acknowledging short-term challenges, Srivastava remains confident that localization and technology transfer from Israel will continue as per the established workshare arrangements.

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