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India’s Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) has taken a giant leap forward in its stealth aircraft development with the successful flight of the Stealth Wing Flying Testbed (SWiFT) Technology Demonstrator in its tailless configuration. This milestone marks the beginning of the next chapter for SWiFT, as ADE shifts its focus towards testing an internal weapons bay (IBW) and paving the way for a more advanced Remotely Piloted Strike Aircraft (RPSA).

The IBW is a crucial addition to SWiFT’s capabilities. By carrying weapons internally, the aircraft maintains its low-observable profile, making it even more difficult for enemy radars to detect. This enhanced stealth significantly increases survivability and mission effectiveness.

The IBW will be tested using scaled adapters, allowing engineers to assess the compatibility and performance of various weapons configurations. Dropping dummy warheads and missiles during these tests will provide valuable data on weapon release dynamics and overall system functionality.

While the initial SWiFT prototype was primarily a technological demonstrator, ADE envisions a more advanced version that will serve as a full-fledged strike package in the Indian Air Force. This RPSA will be capable of carrying a wider range of weapons and performing complex combat missions.

The experience gained from the SWiFT demonstrator will be invaluable in developing this next-generation RPSA. The IBW testing will provide crucial insights into weapons integration and internal carriage, while the tailless configuration paves the way for improved aerodynamic performance and manoeuvrability.

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