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Breaking new ground in the Indian defense sector, Bengaluru-based Flying Wedge Defence and Aerospace (FWDA) will unveil “FWD-200B ” India’s first-ever indigenously developed military-grade bomber UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) tomorrow. This marks a significant milestone for India’s defense technology and airpower capabilities.

FWDA’s CEO and Founder, Mr. Suhas Tejaskanda, expressed his company’s enthusiasm about the FWD-200B’s unveiling. This innovative bomber UAV has the potential to revolutionize India’s air defense strategies, offering a cost-effective and potentially life-saving alternative for specific missions.

The FWD-200B represents a significant leap forward in India’s air defense capabilities. It ushers in a new era of unmanned aerial bombers, designed to play a crucial role in modern warfare. While specific details about the FWD-200B’s payload and operational range haven’t been disclosed, the bomber designation suggests its potential for carrying and deploying munitions.

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