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Bengaluru-based deep-tech startup Nabhdrishti Aerospace, a pioneer in indigenous gas turbine engine development, has secured a funding of Rs 3 crore from IIMA Ventures. This investment will fuel the development of a fuel flex combustor prototype through rigorous testing of the fuel injector and combustor components.

Nabhdrishti Aerospace specializes in Small Gas Turbines designed for various applications, including hybrid-electric Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), cruise missiles, and decentralized power generation. This technology holds promise for revolutionizing the aerospace industry and enabling a cleaner future.

The funds raised will allow Nabhdrishti Aerospace to refine their combustor design, a critical component in gas turbine engines. By developing a fuel flex combustor, the company aims to create an engine compatible with a wider range of fuels, offering greater flexibility and potentially reducing reliance on traditional sources.

This is a significant development for India’s aerospace ambitions. Nabhdrishti Aerospace’s success in developing indigenous gas turbine technology could lead to greater self-reliance in this crucial sector.

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