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At the recent Beijing Military Intelligence Technology Expo, a company named the Beijing Institute of Stealth Engineering Technology (BIST) caused a stir. A video presentation showcased their development of various simulated targets designed to test and mimic the signal profiles of potential adversaries’ military equipment.

Intriguingly, the video included a replica of India’s Prithvi surface-to-surface missile (SSM). This has raised concerns that BIST might be using these simulations to develop methods for signal measurement and intelligence gathering on real-world Indian weaponry.

The company’s focus on simulated targets suggests expertise in replicating the signature profiles (radar, thermal, etc.) of military equipment. This technology can be valuable for training purposes, allowing militaries to practice detection and engagement techniques against various threats.

The inclusion of a specific Indian missile in the BIST video has drawn attention. It’s possible BIST is simply demonstrating the versatility of their simulation technology. However, it could also indicate an intent to gather intelligence on the specific characteristics of the Prithvi missile.

The Indian government might be concerned that BIST’s simulation of the Prithvi missile is a veiled attempt to collect intelligence on its operational specifics. This could potentially aid China in developing countermeasures against the Prithvi.

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