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Public sector major Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) has claimed that it is expecting orders for the laser beam riding missile or LBRM being manufactured by BDL under a Joint development programme with Thales, UK from Army Air Defence soon. BDL is expecting orders for 254 crores

The current inventory of MANPADS in IA has only MANPADS of IR homing types. These are susceptible to ‘Trn-based IR Source effects’ of Northern Borders and IR countermeasures of hostile platforms. MANPADS with Laser Beam Riding tech cannot be jammed by such measures and therefore have better survival in the EW environment.

The LBRM is a short-range air defence missile that is designed to intercept aircraft and helicopters. It is a guided missile that uses a laser beam to track its target.

The LBRM is a more advanced missile than the MANPADS that is currently in use in the Indian Army. It is not susceptible to jamming by enemy aircraft and it is more likely to hit its target. The LBRM is also a more cost-effective solution than the MANPADS.

BDL is confident that the LBRM will meet the requirements of the Indian Army. The company is expecting to receive orders for the missile shortly.

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