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Advanced Weapons and Equipment India (AWEIL) is poised to significantly bolster the Indian Army’s artillery capabilities by delivering 26 new Dhanush howitzers during the current financial year. This delivery will bring the total number of Dhanush guns in service to 50, marking a major step towards fulfilling the Army’s order of 114 guns in total.

However, production faced delays due to procurement challenges for a critical spare used in a sub-assembly. As components are sourced from both the private sector within India and overseas suppliers, the specific delay stemmed from an Indian private vendor’s inability to acquire the necessary spare from an international source promptly.

Despite this temporary setback, the Dhanush howitzer remains a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Swedish Bofors. Featuring a more advanced mechanism and a larger 155×45 calibre compared to the Bofors’ 155×39, the Dhanush boasts significantly enhanced range and firing capabilities.

This ongoing delivery of Dhanush howitzers marks a crucial step in modernizing the Indian Army’s artillery arsenal and ensuring its continued effectiveness in safeguarding national security. The advanced features and capabilities of the Dhanush provide the Army with a potent weapon system that can effectively respond to evolving threats and maintain a decisive edge in potential conflicts.

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