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DRDO developed ATAGS and has been in news for having an excellent focus on targeting and fire control but its ignition was still based on the pyrotechnic primer and igniter materials to achieve reliable ignition. Most of the recent generations of the self-propelled howitzer have moved on to the laser ignition system, which has neither of these drawbacks of conventional primer and igniter that must be replaced each time the gun is fired.

DRDO has taken up work for the fabrication of a breech-mounted laser ignition system that already has been developed and soon will be tested on the ATAGS Gun. laser ignition system will last a long time and is useful when resupplying primer and igniter to the front lines of a battle to sustain combat operations, pose a significant environmental hazard and logistics burden.

The laser ignition system has No moving parts; no firing timeline impact, and comes with Electronic Interlocks that will not allow the weapon to fire unless the gun is layed on target and also has Automated Misfire Procedure. Each laser ignition system can last 3000 rounds with a maximum rate of fire at 10-12 rounds. The breech-mounted laser ignition system on ATAGS will be ready for trials in the next 4 months.

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