Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) which showcased a 155mm/52 calibre mounted gun system (MGS) that is based on the ATAGS Gun at Defence Expo 2022 plans to hold further trials of the system before it commences user trials of the MGS that will involve testing of the Gun in the filed range.

MGS is based on the BEML-developed 8×8 Tatra Truck that also features an armored cabin that already has undergone factory trials that included mobility and system check trials of the system before it was cleared for cross-country trials where it will be deployed in the desert and mountainous and high altitude conditions.

MGS was developed to meet India’s Army requirement for 800 gun-mounted wheeled platforms. MGS is based on the ATAGS gun that already has carried out very extensive trials of the capacity so user trials will likely be completed by end of 2023.

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