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The brutal war in Ukraine has delivered a stark message – artillery remains the king of the battlefield. Estimates suggest a staggering 80 percent of casualties in the conflict are attributed to artillery fire. This grim reality underscores the critical need for a modernized and well-equipped artillery arsenal for the Indian Army. Fast-tracking the induction of the 155/52 caliber towed gun system should be a top priority.

Artillery has long been revered as the “God of War,” its thunderous roar heralding destruction and shaping the outcome of conflicts throughout history. In the context of the Ukraine-Russia War, where urban warfare and asymmetric tactics prevail, the role of artillery assumes paramount importance. With the ability to deliver devastating firepower over vast distances, artillery systems serve as force multipliers, capable of neutralizing enemy positions, disrupting logistics, and inflicting heavy casualties with remarkable precision.

In light of these realities, the Indian Army’s imperative to modernize its artillery capabilities becomes increasingly apparent. The acquisition of 155/52 caliber guns represents a crucial step towards enhancing the Army’s firepower and operational effectiveness. These advanced artillery systems offer a potent combination of range, accuracy, and lethality, enabling the Army to engage targets with precision and decisiveness across varied terrain and operational theaters.

Moreover, the expedited acquisition of 155/52 caliber guns is crucial for maintaining parity with regional adversaries and leveraging technological advancements to gain strategic advantage. In an era defined by rapid technological innovation and geopolitical flux, agility and adaptability are paramount. The Indian Army must seize the opportunity to modernize its artillery inventory and capitalize on the transformative potential of advanced weapon systems to maintain operational superiority and ensure mission success.

The Indian Army has already initiated procurement processes for 155/52 caliber guns. Expediting these processes and streamlining bureaucratic hurdles are crucial to ensure these guns reach the frontlines without delay. In the face of evolving threats and an increasingly complex battlefield environment, modernizing artillery capabilities is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.