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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has been tasked with developing a long-range multiple-barrel rocket (MBRL) for the Indian Army. The new rockets will have a range of up to 350 km, significantly extending the Indian Army’s strike capability.

The development of the new MBRL comes in response to India’s growing security concerns, particularly in the context of its border with China. The Indian Army has been seeking longer-range rockets to effectively deter and respond to potential threats.

DRDO’s Pinaka family of MBRLs already includes the Guided Pinaka, which has a range of 95 km. However, the Indian Army requires rockets with even longer ranges to effectively counter potential threats. In a recent interview, a DRDO official confirmed that the organization has been granted permission to develop two new guided rockets, with ranges of 150 and 250km.

Private-sector company Solar Industries India also has been granted permission to develop Maheshwarastra 1 and Maheshwarastra 2. Maheshwarastra 1 will have a range of 150 km, while Maheshwarastra 2 will have a range of 290 km. The development of these new rockets is expected to be completed within the next year. Once the rockets are ready, the Indian Army will begin testing and evaluating them before inducting them into service.

The development of these long-range MBRLs is a significant step forward for India’s defence capabilities. These rockets will provide the Indian Army with the capability to strike targets at long ranges, deterring potential aggressors and safeguarding India’s territorial integrity.

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