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In a strategic move to bolster the defence capabilities of its Armoured Fighting Vehicle fleet, the Indian Army is taking proactive steps to fortify its assets against emerging threats. Spearheading this critical initiative is the Army Design Bureau (ADB), working in close collaboration with industry leaders, academic institutions, Defense Public Sector Undertakings, and the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

With a spotlight on Armoured Fighting Vehicle Protection and Counter Drone systems, the ADB is driving forward a comprehensive approach to safeguarding main battle tanks and future combat vehicles against evolving challenges.

One of the key areas of focus for the ADB is enhancing the protection capabilities of the present fleet of main battle tanks. The recent conflicts in various parts of the world have underscored the increasing danger posed by loitering munitions and anti-tank projectiles, which have the potential to inflict substantial damage on armoured assets.

To address this critical vulnerability, the ADB is collaborating with various stakeholders to develop and implement cutting-edge Armoured Fighting Vehicle Protection systems. These advanced systems, including Active Protection Systems (APS), are designed to provide a comprehensive shield against a wide range of threats. The APS engages with known chemical energy threats, such as anti-tank guided missiles, anti-tank rockets, high-explosive anti-tank rounds, recoilless rifles, and RPGs. By neutralizing these threats before they reach the vehicle, APS technology significantly enhances the survivability of main battle tanks on the battlefield.

In addition to Armoured Fighting Vehicle Protection, the ADB is also at the forefront of developing Counter Drone systems that can effectively neutralize the growing threat of unmanned aerial vehicles on the battlefield. Drones, particularly in swarms, have emerged as potent tools of modern warfare, posing a significant risk to armoured assets and infantry units alike.

The Counter Drone systems being devised under the guidance of the ADB are tailored to address this evolving threat landscape. These systems are designed to engage drones at multiple levels, from Level 1 to Level 3, encompassing various degrees of autonomy and sophistication. Crucially, these systems are equipped to tackle drones with AI capabilities and terrain guidance, ensuring that emerging drone technologies can be effectively countered.

The ADB’s efforts extend beyond the present fleet of main battle tanks. With a forward-looking approach, the Bureau is actively engaged in conceptualizing protection and countermeasure systems for future combat vehicles, including Light Tanks and Future-Ready Combat Vehicles (FRCVs).

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