Luxury car connoisseurs with a need for high-security transportation can rejoice. BMW has launched the 7 Series Protection in India, offering unparalleled protection against ballistic threats and explosives.

This isn’t your average armored car. The 7 Series Protection boasts a unique “Protection Core,” featuring a self-supporting body structure made from armor steel. This core, combined with additional customizations, allows the car to achieve VR9 protection, the highest civilian rating against firearms and explosives, based on strict German testing standards.

Bulletproof and Blast-Resistant:

The windows withstand fire from high-caliber ammunition, and optional partial armoring protects against even more potent threats. The roof and underbody are specially reinforced to handle drone attacks and hand grenades. Even the fuel tank seals itself automatically after being hit, preventing leaks and potential fires.

Performance and Comfort Uncompromised:

Despite the added weight of the armor, the 7 Series Protection delivers impressive performance. A modified chassis ensures confident handling and a smooth ride, even during evasive maneuvers. Passengers in the rear enjoy exceptional comfort thanks to the robust construction and sophisticated suspension systems.

More Than Just a Shield:

The 7 Series Protection isn’t just a security fortress; it’s a luxurious sedan. The standard features include a powerful V8 engine with mild-hybrid technology for optimal efficiency, state-of-the-art infotainment system, and opulent interior appointments.

The BMW 7 Series Protection represents the pinnacle of armored luxury vehicles. With its unmatched blend of security features, performance, and comfort, it offers peace of mind and a luxurious driving experience to those who need it most.