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Konkurs-M, anti-tank guided missiles, manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Hyderabad are being restocked by the Armenia army as part of its replenishment drive to rebuild its inventory.

Armenia like many former Soviet-union countries also operates large quantities of Soviet-era weapons like anti-tank guided missiles and in recent times also procured some of them from India that continues to manufacture them under license from Russia. Konkurs-M is a second-generation, mechanized infantry anti-tank guided missile, to destroy armored vehicles equipped with explosive reactive armor.

The Konkurs-M is a substantially upgraded variant of the venerable Konkurs ‘AT-5 Spandrel ATGM system. Konkurs-M can engage heavily armored vehicles protected by explosive reactive armor (ERA), hardened engineering installations, surface targets, and low-speed low-flying combat helicopters. Indian Army operates over 15000 Konkurs-M ATGMs.

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