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Armenia signed a contract with France on June 18, 2024, for the procurement of Caesar 155/52 truck-mounted guns manufactured by KNDS (Nexter). This acquisition will complement Armenia’s existing artillery portfolio, which includes towed 155/52 ATAGS guns procured from India and mounted MArG 155/39 guns, also of Indian origin.

While the DRDO MGS (Indian-developed Mobile Gun System) based on ATAGS is still undergoing developmental trials, Armenia’s experience with the towed variant of the same gun and potential for fleet commonality failed to influence this decision. The Caesar guns offer several advantages over towed artillery, including increased mobility, faster deployment times, and improved survivability. They are also compatible with NATO-standard 155mm ammunition, which Armenia is likely to increasingly rely on as it diversifies its military suppliers.

This deal is the latest sign of growing defense cooperation between Armenia and France. In recent years, France has provided Armenia with military equipment and training, and the two countries have held joint military exercises. The Caesar gun procurement is a significant step forward in this relationship and will help Armenia to modernize its armed forces.