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Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal, Chairman of Solar Industries India Limited (SOLARINDS), confirmed a significant development for Indian defense exports. Armenia placed orders for three variants of the Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) system in a deal valued at US$265 million (?2,000 crore) last year.

This marks the first-ever export of the indigenously developed Pinaka system. Armenia’s order encompasses four Pinaka batteries along with other defense equipment. The Pinaka comes in three variants:

  • Pinaka Mk-I: Offering a reliable and effective solution with a range of 37.5 kilometers.
  • Pinaka Mk-I Enhanced: An upgrade featuring an extended range of 45 kilometers.
  • Guided Pinaka: The most advanced variant boasting an impressive 75-kilometer range with Inertial Navigation System and satellite navigation guidance.

Nuwal emphasized Pinaka’s cost-effectiveness compared to similar weapon systems, attracting interest from many countries currently in talks with Solar Industries for potential procurement. This deal signifies a major milestone for India’s aspirations to become a prominent defense exporter.

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