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Armenian delegation that was sent to India last year carried out a series of tests of the Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL) developed 155-mm / 39 self-propelled howitzers called MArG (Multi-terrain Artillery Gun) that are mounted on a 4×4 wheeled Truck before it placed orders for the weapons system.

Kalyani officials claimed that MArG 155/ 39 Truck-mounted gun was developed in 8 months and was tested by Indian Army on behalf of the Kalyani group in Balasore and Pokhran before it was offered to Armenia which was looking for a similar weapons system for their high altitude operations in an area where it has an ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan.

MArG 155/ 39 Truck-mounted gun was tested again in presence of Armenian officials for around 40 days and the deal was concluded at Defence expo after it met all the firing criteria that were set by the Armenia Army.

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