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In a significant development that reflects the growing bilateral defence cooperation between India and Argentina, a delegation of Argentinean military officials recently visited the facilities of Munitions India Limited, a Pune-headquartered Defence Public Sector Undertaking (DPSU).

The visit aimed to explore avenues for potential procurement of Indian-made multi-mode grenades and other small-arm munitions for the Argentinean armed forces.

Munitions India Limited has carved a niche for itself as a premier manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of ammunition and explosives for both the Indian armed forces and civilian entities. The facility boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and capabilities in the development, production, testing, and marketing of munitions. Its commitment to quality and innovation has earned it recognition as a reliable supplier of defence equipment, not just domestically but also on the global stage.

Multi-mode grenades are a crucial component of modern warfare, offering versatility in a variety of combat scenarios. Their ability to function in different modes, such as fragmentation, blast, and stun, makes them valuable assets for the armed forces in handling diverse situations. Indian-made multi-mode grenades have garnered attention for their effectiveness and reliability, which could potentially enhance Argentina’s operational preparedness.

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