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The Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) has announced its ambitious plans to develop a next-generation Hyper Velocity RAM Gun (HVRG). This innovative projectile aims to revolutionize gun systems by offering a common, low-drag, and guided solution capable of executing multiple missions. The HVRG promises enhanced lethality, improved performance, and reduced costs, while also adapting to current and future threats.

The Hyper Velocity RAM Gun projectile is designed to provide significant lethality and performance enhancements to existing and future gun systems. By incorporating advanced technologies, the projectile offers improved accuracy, increased velocity, and manoeuvrability.

The HVRG’s adaptability is a key feature, allowing it to effectively engage current threats while remaining versatile enough to counter emerging challenges. Its guidance electronics enable accurate targeting, ensuring mission effectiveness at a lower cost compared to other systems. By reducing development, production, and total ownership costs, the HVRG offers an economical solution for enhancing the capabilities of gun systems.

The compact and high-velocity design of the HVRG eliminates the need for a rocket motor to extend the gun range. This breakthrough allows gun systems to achieve extended ranges without the logistical complexity and cost associated with rocket propulsion. The use of smaller, more accurate rounds not only increases the projectile’s effectiveness but also reduces the risk of collateral damage, enhancing operational safety.

By firing smaller rounds, the HVRG enables gun systems to accommodate deeper magazines, providing a greater number of munitions and extended engagement capabilities. Additionally, the projectile’s compact design contributes to improved shipboard safety, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing operational readiness.

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