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HAL’s strategic focus on the South American market has yielded promising results, with another South American country expressing interest in the LCA-Tejas fighter jets. India has specifically targeted Argentina as a potential buyer, aiming to establish a foothold in the region to expand the market for indigenous fighter aircraft.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the unnamed South American country is seeking to acquire 5-8 LCA-Tejas jets to fulfil the air staff requirements of its air force. Currently, the country operates only one type of fighter jet, which they plan to retire soon. This presents an opportunity for India to position its advanced LCA-Tejas jets as a suitable replacement option.

However, the procurement decision in Argentina is contingent on the allocation of a budget by the Argentine Parliament for the purchase of new fighter jets. Both India and China are actively competing to secure the deal and penetrate the South American market with their respective fighter aircraft offerings.

The competition between India and China for the sale of fighter jets in Argentina underscores the strategic significance of the South American market for these nations. Establishing a presence in this region would provide a gateway for further expansion and cooperation in defence-related industries.

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