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India’s ambitious Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program received a significant boost earlier this year with clearance from the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). This green light paves the way for developing prototypes and marks a crucial step towards an indigenous 5th-generation fighter jet.

The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) anticipates the first AMCA rollout within the next four years. However, the initial prototypes might take 18-20 months to reach that stage. This delay is attributed to the program’s pioneering nature in the region. The AMCA incorporates cutting-edge technologies that require rigorous testing and military certification before taking flight.

The AMCA represents a generational leap in Indian aviation technology. It will boast advanced avionics, radar systems, and even hydraulics and fly-by-wire controls, surpassing those developed for the Tejas MkIA and MkII programs.

The development process goes beyond crafting external and internal components. A series of crucial internal systems will undergo ground testing and certification before the AMCA takes to the skies for its maiden flight. This comprehensive approach ensures the aircraft’s safety and reliability during its developmental flight program.

The successful completion of prototype development and flight testing will pave the way for further refinement and production. While the exact timeline for the AMCA’s induction into the Indian Air Force remains unclear, this program signifies India’s commitment to achieving self-reliance in advanced fighter jet technology.

The AMCA program represents a significant milestone in India’s quest for indigenous defense capabilities. While there will be hurdles along the way, the project’s potential to equip the Indian Air Force with a state-of-the-art 5th-generation fighter jet is a promising step towards a more robust national defence infrastructure.

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