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India is currently engaged in discussions with major aerospace engine manufacturers to collaborate on the development of a 110-120kN class of engine for the country’s fifth-generation fighter jet AMCA program. People familiar with the matter have told idrw that In addition to the engine itself, the deal is also said to include provisions for the establishment of a High Altitude Engine Test Facility (HAETF) and Flying Testbed Aircraft (FTB) in India, both of which will be provided or supported by the chosen aerospace engine OEMs.

idrw has learned that the aerospace engine OEMs may directly provide or assist in setting up the High Altitude Engine Test Facility (HAETF) and Flying Testbed Aircraft (FTB) in India, as these facilities are critical for developing the engine locally and conducting all levels of testing during the development process. India’s goal is to avoid relying on OEM support repeatedly.

DRDO is eager to include all necessary facilities to enable the local development of engines, including testing at all stages of development, to avoid the need for repeated external support. GTRE intends to produce 2-3 variations and variants of the same engine for other programs, and it is, therefore, crucial that the IPR of the engine remain in the country, for such programs to be executed domestically without external assistance.

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