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Bengaluru-based Alpha Design Technologies Limited (ADTL) has achieved a significant milestone in its partnership with the Indian Army by securing an order to supply 400 indigenously made Software-Defined Radios (SDRs). These cutting-edge SDRs will be integrated into the tanks operated by the Indian Army in forward areas, marking a major technological leap in enhancing the army’s communication capabilities.

The SDRs hold immense strategic importance as they enable secure and seamless communication among tank platforms, offering improved command and control capabilities on the battlefield. With this procurement, the Indian Army is poised to revolutionize its tank fleet with state-of-the-art communication technology, enhancing coordination, and ensuring real-time information exchange among Armoured units.

Software-Defined Radios are a critical advancement in modern military communication systems. Unlike traditional radios, SDRs are highly versatile and adaptable, providing the ability to modify and upgrade communication protocols and waveforms through software changes. This flexibility ensures that the radios can keep pace with rapidly evolving communication standards, making them future-ready and cost-effective.

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