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The Indian skies witnessed a monumental achievement as the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully test-fired the New Generation (NG) variant of the Akash air defense system. This test marks a crucial milestone, not just for the Akash program itself, but also for the Indian Air Force (IAF), as it represents the first test of the variant specifically designed for its needs.

A key takeaway from the test was the unveiling of the trailer launcher, developed by R&DE(Engrs) & Electropneumatics, designed specifically for the IAF Akash NG variant. This Static factor caters to the IAF’s requirement for deployment and flexibility in defending its airspace. Unlike the Truck Mounted compact launchers used for the army version, the IAF variant’s trailer-mounted system allows for Static deployment for operational scenarios like to guard forward infrastructure.

The Akash NG is known to boast significant advancements over its predecessor. Its extended range, improved accuracy, and enhanced seeker technology promise a formidable shield against aerial threats. This upgrade significantly strengthens the IAF’s air defense capabilities, empowering it to counter a wider spectrum of potential attacks.

The successful test of the IAF Akash NG marks a significant stride towards India’s self-reliance in critical defense technologies. The program showcases the combined efforts of DRDO and Indian industries, demonstrating the nation’s growing expertise in developing and deploying cutting-edge weapon systems. This achievement not only bolsters India’s defense preparedness but also paves the way for future advancements in air defense technology within the country.

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