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India’s air defense capabilities just got a significant boost with the successful flight test of the Akash-NG missile system. This next-generation upgrade to the Akash system boasts several advancements, making it a highly attractive option for countries seeking a robust and agile defense solution.

One of the most striking improvements in the Akash-NG is its weight. Thanks to a brand new, two-pulse, solid rocket motor replacing the older ramjet design, the Akash-NG sheds a significant 350 kilograms compared to its predecessor’s 700 kg weight. This translates to greater mobility, faster deployment, and potentially lower operational costs.

Designed to combat modern aerial threats, the Akash-NG is a force to be reckoned with. It can effectively neutralize high-speed, agile targets like fighter jets at impressive ranges of up to 50 kilometers. Additionally, its advanced detection system boasts a range of 80 kilometers, allowing for early enemy identification and a timely launch sequence.

The Akash-NG’s capabilities haven’t gone unnoticed. Countries in East Asia, particularly Vietnam and the Philippines, facing potential aggression, have expressed keen interest in acquiring this advanced missile system. This interest is likely fueled by their awareness of India’s successful export of the older Akash-1S variant to Armenia. Armenia itself might also consider the Akash-NG as a natural upgrade path, given its familiarity with the previous system.

With the successful flight test paving the way for user trials, the Akash-NG is a step closer to full-fledged deployment. Its lighter weight, superior speed, and enhanced capabilities position it as a game-changer in air defense. The coming months will likely see continued interest from potential buyers, making the Akash-NG a potential export success story for India.

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