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Jorge Tamarit Degenhardt, Vice President and Head of the C295 India Programme at Airbus, recently shared insights into the company’s expectations for the C295 Transport aircraft in India. In an interview with Indian media, he revealed that Airbus is in discussions with multiple Indian agencies, including the Indian Coast Guard, Indian Navy, and Border Security Force (BSF), for the potential sale of an additional 50 to 100 C295 aircraft.

This projection comes after the Indian Air Force (IAF) placed an order for 56 C295 aircraft, marking a significant milestone in India’s efforts to modernize its transport aircraft fleet. However, Airbus believes there is strong potential for additional orders, driven by various requirements from Indian defence and security forces.

The Indian Coast Guard has expressed a need for six maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) based on the C295 platform. These MPAs are expected to feature advanced sensors, including an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. The radar system planned for these aircraft is designed for air-to-sea surface monitoring and will enhance the Coast Guard’s maritime surveillance capabilities.

Similarly, the Indian Navy has issued a requirement for nine C295-based MPAs, which will also incorporate the AESA radar technology. This radar, optimized for air-to-sea monitoring, will significantly bolster the Navy’s maritime reconnaissance capabilities.

Apart from the MPAs, the project encompasses the development of two variants of patrol aircraft: the Multi-Mode Maritime Aircraft (MMA) for the Indian Coast Guard and the Medium Range Maritime Reconnaissance (MRMR) for the Indian Navy. These aircraft will serve crucial roles in coastal security, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

The IAF has already procured a C295 as a replacement for the ageing Avro Hawker Siddeley HS748 aircraft. Furthermore, there is the possibility of additional orders to replace the ageing An-32 transport aircraft, which could result in a substantial order for 50 to 100 more C295 aircraft.

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