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India’s recent successful test of the Indigenous Technology Cruise Missile (ITCM) has been hailed as a “big force multiplier” for the country’s missile arsenal, according to a military veteran. This development aligns with India’s push for “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-Reliant India) in the defense sector.

The ITCM test, conducted earlier this month off the coast of Odisha, marks a significant stride towards India’s goal of self-sufficiency in missile technology. This domestically developed cruise missile is expected to significantly enhance India’s missile capabilities.

Military experts believe the air-launched variant of the ITCM will be a game-changer for the Indian Air Force (IAF). With its extended range compared to conventional missiles, the ITCM is expected to provide the IAF with greater strategic striking power.

The successful ITCM test signifies India’s growing prowess in indigenous defense development. This advancement is likely to contribute to a more robust and self-reliant Indian military.