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Former Air Chief Marshal Fali H. Major (Retd.), the only helicopter pilot to ever lead the Indian Air Force, has expressed his strong support for the government’s decision to procure a large number of attack helicopters. This historic deal, valued at approximately ?50,000 crore, marks the biggest single helicopter order ever placed by an Indian company and represents a significant boost to the country’s defense sector.

In a media interaction, Air Chief Marshal Major welcomed the news but emphasized the importance of gradually increasing indigenous content in the helicopters. He highlighted that while the current 45% domestic content is a positive step, it should be progressively raised to “respectable levels.” This, according to Major, would ensure an “80% availability rate” for the helicopters, maximizing their operational efficiency for the armed forces.

Major lauded the HAL LCH Prachand’s exceptional capabilities, particularly its “hot and high” performance. He emphasized that the Prachand is specifically designed for high-altitude operations and possesses an unmatched weapon-carrying capacity at such heights. This unique capability, he noted, surpasses that of any other attack helicopter.

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