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India’s Agnipath scheme, designed to recruit soldiers for a four-year term, is undergoing revisions based on feedback from senior army officers. Discussions are underway to extend the minimum service tenure for Agniveers (recruits) to seven or eight years. Additionally, proposals include retaining a larger portion of the force, with a target of 60-70% transitioned into permanent positions.

These recommendations are part of an ongoing review of the Agnipath scheme, which has been in place for a few months. Feedback is being collected from formations and senior officers to assess the scheme’s impact on operational efficiency. The goal is to ensure Agniveer recruitment doesn’t lead to functional issues within the army.

According to a source, the proposed changes extend beyond just tenure and retention. Additional recommendations include:

  • Increasing the percentage of Agniveers who are offered permanent positions after their initial service.
  • Raising the induction age for technical roles to 23 years.
  • Providing ex-gratia compensation for disabilities developed during training.
  • Implementing professional agency support for managing the exit of Agniveers who don’t receive permanent positions.
  • Offering a subsistence allowance to families of Agniveers who are killed in action.