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Agnikul Cosmos, a private space company incubated at IIT Madras, is setting its sights on the stars. After successfully test-firing its first rocket on May 30, the company is now aiming for a lofty goal: 35-40 commercial launches per year in the coming years.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for the Indian space industry. Agnikul Cosmos becomes the second private Indian company to successfully test a rocket, and remarkably, the first to launch from its own private pad.

The key to Agnikul’s rockets lies in its innovative engine. The company boasts the world’s first ever entirely 3D-printed cryogenic engine. This technology breakthrough allows Agnikul to manufacture different rocket configurations that can carry payloads between 30 kg and 300 kg to low Earth orbits.

If Agnikul Cosmos achieves its ambitious target of 35-40 launches per year, it would become a major player in the global launch market. This achievement would not only benefit the company but also propel India’s space industry to new heights. With its focus on innovation and efficiency, Agnikul Cosmos is paving the way for a future where space exploration is more accessible and affordable than ever before.