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Sagar Defence Engineering, based in Pune, has won a contract from the Uttar Pradesh Police for its maritime Spotter Drone, which was initially developed in-house in collaboration with the Indian Navy. This marks the first contract from a state police force for the company.

The Spotter Drone will be used to detect threats and share critical information in real-time, allowing for the immobilization of threats and the potential to save the lives of armed personnel. The drone will also aid in tactical planning during mission-critical situations.

The “Spotter Drone” developed by Sagar Defence Engineering has a payload capacity of 3 kg and can cover a distance of up to 20 km, withstanding high crosswinds.

In 2021, the Indian Navy signed a contract with the company for 30 units of the drone, which have since been delivered and inducted into service in 2022. This year, the Indian Navy placed an additional order for 60 more units of the drone, which are expected to be delivered by October 2023.

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