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Archer-NG Weaponized Male UAV with a single engine twin-boom architecture in pusher configuration powered by an 180 hp diesel engine developed by the VRDE will share most of the components with the current Tapas MALE UAV due to which first flight of the Archer-NG has been planned in Month of April-May this year.

Archer-NG will have over 70% of the systems and components from the Tapas program that includes its MREO, LREO, SAR, and MPAR payloads including ELINT & COMMIT, IFF, TCAS & UCR systems. Archer-NG will have four hardpoints that can carry a maximum payload of 300kg that can also be used for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions. has been told that the idea of developing a Weaponized variant of the Tapas UAV had to be scrapped due to the limited payload carrying capacity that could have limited it to only 120kg on its hardpoints and instead development of the Archer-NG with single engine twin-boom architecture was taken up, since it was found to be optimal design to be used on a Weaponized variant.

Tapas and Archer-NG will have 80-90% Indigenous content in the later production variant with Archer-NG having endurance of 24 hours and flight ceiling of 30k ft. Armed Tapas might still happen but it will have limited role due to limited weapons carrying capacity but Archer-NG along with HALE UAV under development will take India’s Unmanned Drone Warfare to next stage.

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