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Armenia is expanding its defence procurement strategy by looking to secure a wider array of military products from India, including advanced military drones and midrange surface-to-air missiles. As reported by, Armenia has already acquired the Akash 1S Surface-to-Air Defense System and is considering additional systems such as the Indo-Israeli Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MR-SAM) and the Akash-NG Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Defense System.

While India is yet to commence the delivery of the Akash 1S system to Armenia, these deliveries are expected to begin next year. The Akash 1S is a sophisticated air defence system capable of targeting aircraft up to 30 km away, providing a robust shield against aerial threats.

In addition to the Akash 1S, Armenia has shown interest in two other missile defence systems. The MR-SAM, developed through a collaboration between India and Israel, is already in production and offers a proven track record of effectiveness. On the other hand, the Akash-NG, an advanced variant of the Akash missile, is still awaiting orders from the Indian Army and Air Force, which may delay its availability by 2-3 years.

Upon the commencement of Akash 1S deliveries, Armenia plans to conduct thorough technical evaluations of the MR-SAM and the Akash-NG system to ensure it meet their defence requirements. Based on these evaluations, a decision will be made between the MR-SAM and the Akash-NG. According to sources from, the MR-SAM is currently the more favored option due to its immediate availability and established production line.

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