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The Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) has recently issued a tender for support in the mechanical assembly and associated aero-mechanical activities of the Archer UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) at ADE and in ATR, Chitradurga. This initiative represents a significant step in advancing the development and deployment of cutting-edge UAV technology.

The tender outlines a comprehensive set of tasks to be carried out in the mechanical assembly process, emphasizing precision and adherence to specific engineering requirements. The key activities encompassed in the tender include:

  1. Mechanical Assembly:
  • Assembly of airframe, wing, horizontal tail (HT), vertical tail (VT), etc.
  • FRL (Functional Runway Lateral) marking and symmetry checks.
  • Contour measurement (laser) checks for accuracy.
  • Fitment of Nose and PAN camera for surveillance.
  • Clearance of fuel tank, including fuel leak checks, and installation of fuel system components.
  • Installation of fuel level sensor and calibration for accurate measurement.
  • Confirmation of all mounting brackets cut-outs as per engineering drawings.
  • Proper closing and functioning checks of all aircraft covers, SATCOM dome, etc.
  • Fitment of Engine Interface Module (EIM) and the engine itself.
  • Integration of engine sensors, connection of the fuel system, throttle, etc.
  • Filling of coolant and lubricating oil for proper engine function.
  • Fitment of the propeller and thrust line measurement.
  • Fitment and integration of landing gear components, including pressure adjustment.
  • Integration of Nose Wheel Steering (NWS) actuator, linkages, etc.
  • Calibration of NWS actuator and fitment of Nose landing gear.
  • Integration of Main Landing Gear (MLG) system with associated adjustments.
  • Brake assembly, brake calibration, and brake torque measurement.
  • Symmetry checks with Landing Gear (LG).
  • Fitment of Control Surface and Flap Actuators for flight control.
  • Fitment of Nose wheel steering actuator and brake actuators (as applicable).
  • Fitment of all LRUS (Line Replaceable Units) including GPS Antenna, INS, SCU, Lights, PMU, AED, RFCC, Datalink LRUS, etc.
  • Mechanical installation of the loom for electrical connections.
  • Disassembly of the airframe, packing in the UAV container, and loading to the trailer for transportation.

This comprehensive set of activities underscores the meticulous approach taken in the assembly and preparation of the Archer-NG UAV. The Archer-NG, once fully assembled and operational, is expected to contribute significantly to various applications, including surveillance, reconnaissance, and potentially other specialized missions.

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