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Adani Defence, having secured a major order for its Larger Drishti-10 MALE UAV from the Indian Navy, Adani Defence is now setting its sights on increasing domestic participation in its Drishti-6 tactical UAV program.

The Drishti-6 is a medium-sized, multi-payload UAV based on the Elbit Systems Hermes 450. Adani Defence has been part of the Hermes 450’s global supply chain since 2016, bringing valuable experience to the table.

People familiar with the program have told that their plan to incorporate locally manufactured systems into the Drishti-6 aligns with the “Make in India” initiative. This will not only reduce dependence on foreign suppliers but also create a more robust domestic defence ecosystem.

To showcase the Drishti-6’s capabilities, Adani Defence may offer the UAV to the Army and Air Force for evaluation purposes. This no-cost, no-commitment approach could pave the way for potential future acquisitions.

The Drishti-6 enters the scene amidst the ongoing development of DRDO’s Archer tactical UAV. While the Archer has yet to impress the military, the introduction of a weaponized variant highlights DRDO’s efforts to address user needs.

Key Features of the Drishti-6

  • Endurance: Over 20 hours of continuous flight time.
  • Payload Capacity: Maximum payload of 180 kg, allowing for diverse mission configurations.
  • Operational Ceiling: Can reach up to 18,000 ft, enabling effective operation in various terrains.

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