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Adani Defence, the company that recently delivered the first Drishti-10 drones (Hermes 900) Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to the Indian Navy, is making significant strides in enhancing the indigenous content levels of these UAVs. With plans to increase the current indigenization content from 70 percent to an impressive 80-90 percent in the next few years, Adani Defence is positioning itself as a key player in the domestic and global UAV manufacturing landscape.

The delivery of the Drishti-10 drones marked a milestone for Adani Defence, showcasing its capabilities in providing cutting-edge technology to the Indian Navy. The Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAVs, based on the Hermes 900 platform, have garnered attention not only for their performance but also for the significant contribution to indigenous manufacturing.

Adani Defence has received token orders for two units each from both the Indian Navy and the Indian Army, signaling a promising start to the utilization of these advanced UAVs in the country’s defense forces. The company anticipates that repeat orders will follow, further solidifying its position in the UAV market.

Adani Defence is committed to fostering indigenization in its UAV manufacturing processes. The ambitious goal of increasing the indigenization content from 70 percent to 80-90 percent reflects the company’s dedication to leveraging local capabilities and resources. This move not only strengthens India’s self-reliance in defense technology but also contributes to the growth of the indigenous defense industry.

The UAVs are manufactured at the state-of-the-art Adani Elbit Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Complex (UAV) located in India. This facility plays a pivotal role in the production of complete carbon composite aerostructures for UAVs. Adani Defence’s commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond catering to the Indian market; the company has successfully exported its UAV technology to other countries, showcasing the global competitiveness of Indian defense manufacturing.

As Adani Defence looks ahead, the focus on indigenization is expected to yield positive results. The company’s ability to meet the demands of both the Indian Navy and the Army, coupled with its commitment to enhancing indigenous content, positions it as a key contributor to India’s defense modernization efforts.

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