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The Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has confirmed the successful completion of Ground Butt Firing Tests on the LSP-7 (Limited Series Production-7) aircraft. The recent tests involved three different gun firing modes and have been carried out satisfactorily, according to the pre-determined test schedule.

The ground butt firing tests play a crucial role in evaluating the operational capabilities and accuracy of the GSh-23 twin-barrel 23 mm ‘Gasha’ gun, which is an integral weapon system of the LCA-Tejas. The gun, known for its reliability and lethality, is an essential asset for air-to-ground and air-to-air combat scenarios. The completion of these firing tests is a significant step towards achieving full operational capability for the LCA-Tejas.

The GSh-23 gun, mounted on the LCA-Tejas, is designed to provide precise and powerful firepower to the Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots during missions. With its twin-barrel configuration and a high rate of fire, the ‘Gasha’ gun is capable of engaging targets with utmost precision, delivering a formidable punch to enemy forces.

As part of the ongoing development and testing phase, the flight trials of the GSh-23 gun on the LCA-Tejas LSP-7 aircraft have been temporarily kept pending. The decision to postpone flight trials is in line with the IAF’s plan to conduct these tests at the squadron levels in the future.

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