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Hyderabad-based Abyom SpaceTech has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize space exploration. The company recently announced the successful completion of their “Battleship Engine Testing Series,” marking a crucial step towards developing India’s first reusable rocket.

Abyom SpaceTech conducted an impressive 150+ tests using their innovative Mobile Rocket Engine Testing Facility (METF). This unique mobile platform allows for efficient and flexible engine testing, potentially accelerating the development process.

Leveraging the data obtained during the testing series, Abyom SpaceTech is now focused on developing a Suborbital Reusable Sounding Rocket (RSR). This groundbreaking project aims to be India’s first reusable rocket, with a launch expected in September 2025.

With the successful testing series, Abyom SpaceTech demonstrates its commitment to developing advanced aerospace technologies. This accomplishment paves the way for further advancements as the company strives to achieve its ambitious goals in the space exploration domain.

The coming months will be crucial for Abyom SpaceTech. As they work towards the September 2025 launch target for the RSR, the success of this project will be closely watched by the Indian space sector and the broader Pan-Asian scientific community.