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Seven Indian citizens have released a video online, alleging they were coerced into fighting alongside Russian forces in the ongoing war in Ukraine. This follows similar claims made by several other Indian nationals in recent weeks.

The video, which has gone viral, shows the seven men in a room, dressed in military uniforms. One man speaks on behalf of the group, narrating their ordeal:

“We came to Russia for tourism over the New Year holidays. We met an agent who helped us visit different places. He offered to take us to Belarus, but we didn’t know a visa was needed. We ended up in Belarus, where we paid the agent, but he demanded more money. He then abandoned us on a highway because we couldn’t pay him.”

The Indian government has taken note of these claims and is actively investigating the situation. It has urged all Indian nationals to exercise extreme caution while traveling to countries bordering Ukraine and to register with the Indian embassy upon arrival in any of these countries.