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In a testament to India’s growing prowess in the field of space technology, three innovative Indian space startups have secured a coveted spot on the list of “20 Emerging SpaceTech Startups to Watch in 2024.” The list, compiled by Austria-based StartUs Insights, an innovation intelligence company, recognizes promising ventures that are set to make significant contributions to the rapidly evolving space industry.

1. OrbitAID: Pioneering Orbital Fuel Stations

One of the Indian startups making waves is OrbitAID, which specializes in providing Orbital Fuel Stations. The company has developed an autonomous docking and refueling interface known as the Standard Interface for Docking and Refueling Port (S.I.D.R.P). Distinguished by its dual-docking redundancy, S.I.D.R.P seamlessly integrates with existing satellite connectors.

The primary goal of OrbitAID is to establish in-space fuel stations, revolutionizing the way spacecraft resources are utilized. By refueling satellites, OrbitAID extends their operational lifetime, surpassing the limitations imposed by non-reusable propellant supplies. This innovative approach not only enhances satellite sustainability but also opens doors to new possibilities in space exploration.

2. Abyom SpaceTech: Redefining Cryogenic Rocket Engines

Abyom SpaceTech, another Indian startup, has earned recognition for its groundbreaking work on re-ignitable and throttleable cryogenic rocket engines for rockets and launch vehicles. With a focus on rapid reusability, Abyom SpaceTech’s Reusable Sounding Rocket (RSR) facilitates diverse space experiments and data collection.

The startup has expanded its portfolio to include the Small Reusable Launch Vehicle (SRLV), designed for efficient satellite launches into low earth orbits. Additionally, the Medium Reusable Launch Vehicle (MRLV) targets a broad spectrum of satellite launches into multiple orbits. Abyom SpaceTech’s commitment to reusability aligns with the industry’s push for sustainable and cost-effective space exploration.

3. GalaxEye: Advancing Earth Observation with Drishti

GalaxEye, the third Indian startup on the esteemed list, is gaining recognition for its development of Drishti, an earth observation satellite equipped with cutting-edge sensors. Drishti features a multispectral imager (MSI) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensors on a single platform, enabling high-resolution, all-weather imagery.

The multisensor configuration of Drishti creates a comprehensive earth observation (EO) dataset, and its sub-daily revisits ensure global data coverage. GalaxEye leverages Drishti for proprietary EO missions catering to various industries, including mining, insurance, agriculture, maritime, energy, and utilities. The startup’s innovative approach to earth observation contributes to a better understanding of our planet and its dynamic changes.

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