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The IAF had a fairly good year in 2022, where it lost only one fighter jet which was MiG-21 trainer aircraft in Rajasthan but the crash resulted in two pilots sustaining fatal injuries from the crash.

IAF lost both Pilots, Lt Advitiya Bal and Wing Commander M Rana in this crash. The exact reason for the crash is not known yet and the Indian Air Force ordered a court of inquiry to ascertain the cause of the accident, but it can be assumed that it was technical issues with the ill-fated aircraft.

In, 2021, IAF lost 6 jets which were five Mig-21s and 1 Mirage-2000. Since 2000, Mig-21 has been involved in 85 accidents, followed by Mig-23 which recorded 16 incidents and Mig-27 and Jaguar with 26 each. IAF also lost 11 Mig-29s, 10 Su-30 and 8 Mirage-2000s in this period.

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