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According to GE Aerospace officials, the Joint venture engine offered to India for its 5th Generation fighter program will be based on the studies carried out for the development of the F414 Enhanced Engine. This engine was designed to provide an 18% increase in thrust from F414-INS6 (98kN) with improved reliability, as well as significant improvements in aircraft performance, survivability, and payload.

The F414 Enhanced Engine is capable of generating a 116kN thrust class while retaining the same length as the F414-INS6 engine at 154 inches, as well as the same inlet diameter. This enables an easy switch of the AMCA MkI fleet to the F414 Enhanced Engine without requiring major structural changes.

Moreover, the F414 Enhanced Engine enables reverse compatibility, allowing other fighter jets such as the Tejas Mk2 and TEDBF to switch to the new 110-120kN engine easily when they are due for an engine change after 10 years into service.

Based on the information provided to idrw, the Project Managers for AMCA and TEDBF have suggested that the GE engines should be retained. The reason for this is that choosing a different engine manufacturer would necessitate a reassessment of the air intake design and other parameters during integration, which could lead to further delays in the program.

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