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The United States said on Wednesday that it was removing Turkey from the F-35 fighter jet programme, a move that had been long threatened and expected after Ankara began accepting delivery of an advanced Russian missile defence system last week.

The first parts of the S-400 air defence system were flown to the Murted military airbase northwest of Ankara on Friday, sealing Turkey’s deal with Russia, which Washington had struggled for months to prevent. “The US and other F-35 partners are aligned in this decision to suspend Turkey from the programme and initiate the process to formally remove Turkey from the programme,” said Ellen Lord, the undersecretary of defence for acquisition and sustainment at the Pentagon. Continue reading


Brig. Gen. Anthony Genatempo, Air Force Weapons Program Executive Officer, announced on June 20, 2019, that Lockheed Martin is developing a new long-range air-to-air missile to replace the AIM-120 AMRAAM and counter the threat posed by the Chinese PL-15 missile.

The announcement was made in interviews with Air Force Magazine and Aerospace Daily during the Life Cycle Industry Days, held at the Dayton Convention Center in Ohio from June 19 to June 21. The AIM-260, also called Joint Advanced Tactical Missile, has been in development for at least two years, after a rapid acquisition project was initiated by Air Force and Navy in 2017 to avoid foreign threats being able to outrange the AIM-120. Continue reading


As time passing , tussle between US and Iran getting advance. After ending many waivers to buyers of Iranian oil now Donald Trump posted a threatening tweet against Iran which is really a matter of serious concern. On the other side Iran government has vowed to protect its territory at any cost. Tensions between Washington DC and Tehran gets heat when a unknown rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital Baghdad’s highly protected green zone on 19th June at night, falling near the American Embassy but causing no casualties. Although there are tensions in the gulf but it seems US is not in the mood of war and Trump publicly appealed to Iran to call him, the white house contacted the Swiss on 9th may to share a phone number the Iranians could call the white house.

But Swiss likely won’t hand over the number unless the Tehran asked for it. Well US asked Swiss for this help because since 1980 after Islamic Revolution in Iran there are no diplomatic relation between US and Iran. But on 10th may Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards head said Iran would not talk to US. Continue reading