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The U.S. Navy’s 2021 budget proposal apparently will request no new money to purchase the service’s only long-range anti-submarine aircraft, despite a growing undersea threat and a shortfall in aircraft designed to cope with that threat. The P-8 Poseidon multi-mission aircraft, a militarized version of the Boeing 737 jetliner, conducts anti-submarine, anti-surface and shipping interdiction missions from land bases, flying much further with greater payload than any carrier-based plane could.

Poseidon rotates frequently to the bases of overseas allies as it conducts maritime surveillance of the Northern Atlantic, Western Pacific and other areas. The plane uses acoustic sensors and radar to detect hostile warships, and carries munitions such as torpedoes that would be used in wartime to destroy such threats. Continue reading


As a result of Trump’s widely criticised removal of the last vestiges of an American physical presence in Syria, foreign policy analysts continue to anticipate the physical resurgence of the Islamic State (IS). But many of them have lost sight of the IS’s enduring legacy – virtual jihad – which has become its foremost method of recruitment and operation. Cyberspace is the ideal platform for terrorists because, unlike conventional warfare, barriers to entry into cyberspace are much lower, since the price of entry is an Internet connection.

The surreptitious use of the Internet to advance terrorist group objectives has enabled the IS to gain thousands of new adherents each day in broad daylight, and by virtue of the Dark Web. Like the IS, other terrorist groups that have ceased to be a major physical threat remain omnipresent in cyberspace, promoting a virtual caliphate from their safe haven behind computer keyboards around the world. Islamic extremists are natural candidates to transition to a virtual world that offers them automatic citizenship beyond the nation-state. Continue reading


The two world wars have taught the world that the expenditure is never too much when speaking of defence and security. And over the years, gargantuan investments on research and development have been put into the sector not only by the developed and superpower nations but the developing ones as well. However, topping that list, needless to say, is the United States of America. A few months back, the country made it to headlines in India for something other than what its President, Donald Trump Tweeted. It was for a humble offer that was extended to India to ditch the S-400 fighter jets from Russia for their in-house developed F-35 aircraft.

But, the media hype that followed Prime Minister’s visit to the US, speculating it for the same, is in the past now. And that is not why we are here. The fact that the controversy-ridden aircraft was so generously offered to India is merely the news this time. Because we are here to talk about the helmet for all its pilots. And the fact that it costs approximately Rs 2.8 crore apiece. Continue reading


As time passing , tussle between US and Iran getting advance. After ending many waivers to buyers of Iranian oil now Donald Trump posted a threatening tweet against Iran which is really a matter of serious concern. On the other side Iran government has vowed to protect its territory at any cost. Tensions between Washington DC and Tehran gets heat when a unknown rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital Baghdad’s highly protected green zone on 19th June at night, falling near the American Embassy but causing no casualties. Although there are tensions in the gulf but it seems US is not in the mood of war and Trump publicly appealed to Iran to call him, the white house contacted the Swiss on 9th may to share a phone number the Iranians could call the white house.

But Swiss likely won’t hand over the number unless the Tehran asked for it. Well US asked Swiss for this help because since 1980 after Islamic Revolution in Iran there are no diplomatic relation between US and Iran. But on 10th may Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards head said Iran would not talk to US. Continue reading