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United States President Donald Trump has said that the “end of the ISIS caliphate is in sight” following the liberation of Syrian city of Raqqa from the terror group. Trump lauded the defeat of Islamic State (ISIS) in Raqqa as “a critical breakthrough” and said that the US will support a diplomatic negotiation which ends the violence in war-torn Syria.

“I am pleased to announce that the Syrian Democratic Forces, our partners in the fight against ISIS in Syria, have successfully recaptured Raqqah – the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed capital city. Together, our forces have liberated the entire city from ISIS control. The defeat of ISIS in Raqqah represents a critical breakthrough in our worldwide campaign to defeat ISIS and its wicked ideology. With the liberation of ISIS’s capital and the vast majority of its territory, the end of the ISIS caliphate is in sight,” Trump said in a statement. Continue reading


Russia’s official designation of the PAK-FA/T-50 jet as the Sukhoi Su-57 is just another reminder that the field of fifth generation fighters is about to get more crowded. The United States, China, Russia, Japan and Korea are all working on their own fifth generation designs, but so far only three planes, the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Chinese J-20 are operational. Increased tensions between the United States and NATO on one side and Russia on the other have people wondering: once the Su-57 does become operational, how will it stack up against the F-22 Raptor?

The F-22 Raptor started life as a dedicated air superiority fighter in the same vein as the F-15C Eagle, the aircraft it was originally slated to replace. Continue reading


A puppy lost its love for sniffing out bombs and the CIA lost a recruit. Lulu gained a family.  Just a few weeks into her training, the doe-eyed black Labrador with flappy ears just wasn’t interested in detecting explosive odours anymore, the agency said.

Even food and play couldn’t motivate her. Lulu sought a different future. Continue reading


Your day might start like this. You wake to a barrage of email and texts: Your boss wants you at an urgent meeting in London early this afternoon. It’s morning, and you’re in New York City. So you grab an Uber downtown, board a ferry to the SpaceX platform in New York harbor…

Then things get interesting. On the platform stands a 350-foot rocket, nicknamed BFR for “big f**king rocket”. You ride an elevator up to the cabin, strap in alongside 100 other passengers, and take to the skies with a roar. You feel weightless as you soar over the curve of the Earth at 17,000 miles per hour, 10 times the speed of the Concorde supersonic jet. Continue reading

SOURCE: Popular Mechanics

The Pentagon may end up with about 200 F-35s that remain unready for war. Because of defense budget headaches, the money to fix them up is going somewhere else.

The Armed Services are presently spending their money on brand new Joint Strike Fighters. That means up to $40 billion in older planes—built before the F-35 design was complete—could forgo upgrades meant to bring them up to the latest standard.

Continue reading

SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) has been awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.

The Geneva-based organisation ICAN was awarded “for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons, and for its groundbreaking efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition on such weapons”, Berit Reiss-Andersen, chairman of the Nobel Committee, announced on Friday. Continue reading

SOURCE: DailyMail

DARPA has developed a new sensor that can see through clouds, operating just as effectively as current systems do in clear weather.The Extremely High Frequency (EHF) targeting sensor successfully demonstrated its ability to capture real-time video through clouds, marking the completion of its flight tests.

Ultimately, the Pentagon is hoping to create a system that can be mounted on different types of aircraft to capture high-resolution video of targets on the ground, regardless of the weather conditions.  Continue reading

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