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In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, HAL Chief CB Ananthakrishnan provided updates on the certification process and production status of the Tejas Mk-1A, showcasing the significant progress achieved by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in India’s indigenous fighter aircraft program. As HAL gears up to deliver the advanced Tejas Mk-1A jets to the Indian Air Force (IAF), the certification process is nearing completion, and production is in full swing, ensuring a timely delivery of the sophisticated aircraft to bolster India’s defense capabilities.

Ananthakrishnan affirmed that the Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification is actively engaged in the certification process of the Tejas Mk-1A’s new systems. With the majority of systems already certified, only a few more remain in the pipeline, expected to be approved within the next two to three months.

The HAL Chief also revealed that the production of the Tejas Mk-1A has made significant headway since its commencement last year. The aircraft is currently in the advanced stages of assembly, soon to undergo the crucial equipping phase.

Anticipating the completion of the certification process and successful ground runs, HAL is poised to deliver the first Tejas Mk-1A to the IAF in February 2024. Ananthakrishnan further affirmed that the remaining 83 Tejas Mk-1A jets are slated for delivery by 2027-28, a year ahead of the scheduled contractual timeline.

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