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In a major development for India’s ambitious Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program, General Electric (GE) Aerospace CEO Amy Gowder has expressed the company’s readiness to design and build a clean-slate engine specifically for the fighter jet’s AMCA MkII variant. This exciting prospect signifies India’s quest for self-reliance in high-thrust engine technology, taking its aeronautical prowess to new heights.

While the AMCA prototypes will initially fly with the F414 INS6 engines – currently under co-production with HAL – GE envisions a more potent engine for the AMCA MkII variant. Gowder emphasized GE’s eagerness to collaborate with DRDO’s GTRE on this cutting-edge project, leveraging their expertise in integrating the F414 INS6 on the AMCA platform to refine the design of the new engine.

This news comes amidst India’s decision to initially procure two squadrons of AMCA MkI jets equipped with the F414 INS6, followed by the AMCA MkII variant boasting a high-thrust engine capable of generating 110-120kN of thrust. DRDO’s GTRE is actively in talks with international players like French Safran, UK’s Rolls-Royce, and, of course, GE, to co-develop this game-changer engine.

Developing a clean-slate engine is no easy feat. It requires significant investment, technological prowess, and close collaboration between airframe designers, engine manufacturers, and government agencies. However, the potential rewards are immense. Successfully developing a high-thrust engine for the AMCA would not only power India’s air dominance but also establish the nation as a major player in the global aerospace market.

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