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The leakage of classified information, images, and videos of India’s Integrated Test Range (ITR) by contractual employees who have been either honey trapped or paid money to keep an eye on India’s missile programs has become a cause of concern for top officials, leading to sleepless nights in recent times.

The Chinese listening post located on the Coco Islands in the Indian Ocean is responsible for monitoring missile tests conducted by India in the region but Recently, concerns have been raised regarding the further development of the island by China, which some fear may lead to the deployment of spy balloons or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the purpose of monitoring India’s Integrated Test Range (ITR).

In order to ensure the security of the area and keep a watch on the test facility during and after missile launches, it has been decided to procure rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). These UAVs will provide continuous surveillance of the facility around the clock.

Tenders have been released to acquire rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) manufactured in India, capable of providing aerial surveillance of the missile facility and observing missile launches from high altitudes.

As the frequency of Indian missile testing has increased due to the development of multiple missiles, the missile test facility has become a target of cyber warfare and espionage. Therefore, the facility is being upgraded with enhanced security measures, including anti-drone technology capable of both soft and hard kill methods to counter rogue UAVs and drones that may intrude.

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