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In a significant move to bolster its artillery capabilities, the Indian Army is set to acquire a substantial number of Towed Gun Systems (TGS) for its Medium Regiment, a crucial part of the Regiment of Artillery. The plan entails procuring at least 20 regiments, with each regiment typically consisting of 18 to 20 guns.

While the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) has garnered attention for its impressive features, weighing approximately 18 tons, it may not be the optimal solution for all types of terrain. To address this concern and ensure the army’s readiness for varied operational environments, the Indian Army is exploring the acquisition of 155mm X 52 Calibre guns that fall below 15 tons.

The Indian Army’s plan includes the procurement of 307 ATAGS guns. Simultaneously, a separate deal is being considered for nearly 400 Towed Gun Systems (TGS). The existing Dhanush 155mm/52 calibre towed howitzers, weighing less than 14 tons, could face competition from Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited (KSSL) and its innovative offering, the 155mm/52 calibre ultra-light howitzer (ULH) named the Mountain Artillery Gun-Extended Range (MAG-ER).

Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited’s MAG-ER is garnering attention for its remarkable specifications. Weighing in at less than 8 tons, this ultra-light howitzer boasts an impressive firing range of 41 kilometres. Its lightweight design and extended reach make it a formidable contender for the Indian Army’s artillery modernization plans.

India has been on a continuous journey to modernize its artillery units, equipping them with cutting-edge technology and versatile weaponry. The procurement of Towed Gun Systems, whether through the ATAGS or other innovative offerings like KSSL’s MAG-ER, represents a significant step toward enhancing India’s defence capabilities.

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