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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), the premier aerospace and defence company in India, is taking decisive steps to fortify its position as a key player in the country’s aviation landscape. Building on the momentum of its recent successes, HAL has embarked on the process of securing orders for an additional 36 Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40) basic trainer aircraft, following the remarkable achievement of securing orders for 70 HTT-40 aircraft earlier this year.

In a significant move, the Union Cabinet sanctioned orders for 70 HTT-40 basic trainer aircraft from HAL, marking a monumental stride for the indigenous aerospace industry. The order, amounting to a substantial ?6,828.36 crore, underscores the growing recognition of HAL’s expertise and technological prowess.

A pivotal moment in this journey occurred in May of this year when HAL’s Nasik Division initiated metal cutting for the series production of the HTT-40 basic trainer aircraft. The HTT-40, also known as the Basic Trainer Aircraft (BTA), is designed to provide exceptional training effectiveness and boasts remarkable low-speed handling qualities. The tandem-seat turbo trainer aircraft is fully aerobatic, equipped with a modern avionics suite, an air-conditioned cockpit, hot re-fuelling capability, running changeover, and zero-zero ejection seats.

One of the standout features of the HTT-40 is its commitment to indigenization, with approximately 56% indigenous content that is poised to increase to over 60% through the progressive indigenization of major components and subsystems. This move not only underscores India’s technological capabilities but also enhances self-reliance and sovereignty in the aerospace sector.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to reap the benefits of HAL’s endeavors, as the first batch of two HTT-40 aircraft is scheduled for delivery by March 2025. This will be followed by a steady progression of 8 units, and subsequently, 20 units per year. To ensure the uninterrupted flow of production and meet the IAF’s training needs, HAL is diligently working towards securing orders for an additional 36 HTT-40 aircraft by early 2024.

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