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Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), the state-owned defence company responsible for manufacturing the Astra Mk1 BVR (Beyond Visual Range) air-to-air missile, is on track for significant production growth. 

According to a BDL official speaking anonymously to, the company is nearing a production rate of 50 Astra Mk1 missiles per year. This represents a substantial increase in production capacity and signifies BDL’s commitment to meeting the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) needs.

The official further hinted at BDL’s readiness to ramp up production to 100 missiles annually. This ambitious target is likely in anticipation of a major order from the IAF. Following an initial order for 250 units placed in 2022, BDL anticipates receiving additional orders for 400-500 Astra Mk1 missiles.

The IAF has already placed two separate contracts with BDL for a total of over 500 Astra Mk1 missiles. This indigenous BVR missile is expected to become a mainstay of the IAF’s air defence arsenal, replacing older, imported systems.

The Astra Mk1 is a game-changer for the IAF, equipping it with a domestically produced BVR missile system. This indigenous weapon allows the IAF to engage enemy aircraft beyond visual range, significantly enhancing its aerial combat capabilities.

With the potential for a large follow-on order and a current production rate on the rise, BDL is positioned to become a major supplier of the Astra Mk1 missiles to other countries that have shown interest in the missile system. India has offered Astra Mk1 to all Su-30 Operators to replace ageing Russian R-77 BVRAAMs that are simply outdated now when compared to Western AMRAAMs and even Chinese PL-15s. 

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